Clowning Around with the Kids


I’m always amazed at how quickly summer flies by – August is upon us, which means school is right around the corner.  I thought it would be fun to get the rest of our summer sillies out by putting on a Clown and Magic Show.  August is National Clown Month, so putting on a Clown and Magic Show only seemed fitting and my kids are at the age where they love to put on shows and pretend!

To play the part of a clown we needed the most important part…a red nose.  We bought a pack of poster paint from the craft aisle in Family Dollar and applied a dot of it to the end of our noses.


We also found a twirling flower, hula-hoop and animal balloon to complete the silly look!  Once outfitted with our red nose and fun accoutrements we paraded around the house to some fun music.  I love how the simple dot of red paint on the end of their noses made them feel like they had on real clown makeup.


Immediately following the parade of clowns was the first part of the clown activities show – balloon tying!

We each took turns using the small pump to blow up the long balloons.  We made dogs, flowers and hats! Once each little clown had created their own masterpiece we proceeded to march around to fun music again.


Now for the grand finale of the Clown and Magic Show!  The moment all of the kids had been waiting for – a pack of Magic Grow Capsules that turn into sea animals!

Each little clown was given a handful of the magic capsules.


We followed the directions on the back of the package and filled up a bowl with warm water.  The kids dropped their capsules into the water and then waited for the magic to happen!

After a few minutes the clear colored capsuled turned into little foam sea creatures!  My kids thought it was the coolest magic trick!


I love how an afternoon of silliness happened with just a few dollars and a lot of creativity!

Happy Clown Month!


By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                 Featured Products: Summer Toys