Chic Fall Fashions for the Budget Minded Fashionista


Layering in fashion is the best trick I have learned for the cold seasons. The good thing is that it is still not that cold in Fall so the majority of the layers can still be thin. There are great Fall Fashion ideas for the whole family at Family Dollar.

Women’s Fashion


I found so many things that I can wear! The clothes available are great for layering and mix-&-matching, there is a great discount on fall fashion to choose from as well. The leggings for women are available in a solid color or patterns, and even look like dressy pants!


The way the leggings can be matched is by adding a patterned top to the plain leggings and vice-versa. Then, add a scarf that contrasts the outfit or has a similar tone and you’re done! I chose a striped black and white blouse with fleece leggings and then matched it with a bright red scarf I already had and done, great Fall outfit!


For the kids, there are tons of choices – from sporty items to casual wear and even some formal fashion.

Kids Fashion

toddler_fashionYou You can’t beat the convenience of the outfits that come together for toddlers. They have a great price tag plus they are cute and, well, convenient! You don’t need to look for anything else to match!

girl_combinationsThe The fall fashion must-haves for girls are the leggings. They are available in many colors, and adding leggings to any outfit makes it ready for Fall. I like to have plenty of them for my girl that way there is no need for pants and she can still wear some summer dresses, layering a t-shirt underneath. When it gets colder, we use the thicker dresses, but still with leggings.


The nights get chilly and there is always a need to get PJs for the kids, plus they grow up so fast that the ones used in summer are tight. There is plenty of variety with PJs at Family Dollar!

Men’s Fashion

Mens Shirts

For the men there are great flannel shirts in nice patterns. My husband likes to wear them over regular t-shirts, again, more layering… And if it’s very cold, another sweater on top!

As you can see there is something for each member of the family. Combine them all and you’ll get lots of outfits for the season!

By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: Clothing