3 reasons cats rule and dogs drool (and vice versa)

Cute dog and cat side-by-side

Where do you stand in the cats vs. dogs debate?

Check out these 3 fun facts for each to see how both cats and dogs rule.

Cat lovers think cats rule. Dog lovers think dogs rule. There will probably never be a clear winner in the cats vs. dogs debate, because each animal has its own special traits that make them so lovable. Read on to learn a few fun facts about your favorite pet.

3 reasons why cats rule

  1. Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained. They are very intelligent animals with long memories. They can learn tricks, remember them, and repeat them, just like a dog.
  2. Cats have great night vision. Have you ever wondered what your cat is looking at when gazing out a window into pitch darkness? She probably sees more than you do. A cat’s night vision is about six times better than a human’s. Their eyes reflect the light they take in, allowing them to see better in the dark, though of course they can’t see when there is no light at all.
  3. Cats have super speed and strength. A motivated cat can run up to 30 miles per hour and can jump up to seven times higher than its height.

3 reasons why dogs rule

  1. Dogs are super sniffers. The sense of smell in a dog is an astounding 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than that of a human. In fact, the part of their brain devoted to smell is 40 times bigger than the same part in humans.
  2. Dogs can breathe quickly. A hot, panting dog can pant out as many as 400 breaths per minute. Dogs don’t use much energy when panting that quickly, so it cools them off instead of making them hotter.
  3. Dogs can detect some illnesses. Some dogs can sense and alert owners to epileptic seizures as much as an hour before the onset of a seizure. Several studies also note that some dogs can smell cancer, even when it is in the in situ, or zero, stage.

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