July 4th Pasta Salad

Sticking to a theme is my number one priority when it comes to picking out food for a party. Number two on my list is making that food simple. This red, white and blue pasta ...


Gifts Dad’s Way

Father’s Day around here is all about doing exactly what my dad wants to do. Some years this means taking a drive up to the Blue Ridge Mountains, some years this means that we’re having ...


Cheeseburger Basketball Cups

The Big Basketball Tournament is almost here and that means a lot of basketball! Lots of games to watch and lots of get togethers to plan! This also means that snacks and meal ideas need to be planned


Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes

I’ve always loved themed foods for holidays and parties. I love it even more when I can make those themed foods or treats with my niece. She loves to be in the kitchen with me ...