Breakfast Skewers


Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day. We can’t go out with an empty stomach, so I make sure my kids always have something to eat before heading out. During the weekdays, I can’t plan anything too fancy for breakfast because we’re always in a rush to get out, but on weekends that’s another story! I have a chance to be creative and serve something special, more than just eggs and toast or pancakes. Sometimes having fun with breakfast is worth it!

These breakfast skewers are really a twist on what could be a regular breakfast: eggs, waffles, deli meat, cheese and fruit. Making them is super easy! They would also be great for a nice family brunch!

Breakfast Skewers

What you need:
4 Eggo Buttermilk waffles
5 Eggs
1/2 Cup of milk
8 oz Fresh strawberries (about 2 cups)
10-12 slices of deli turkey breast
4 oz Colby & Monterrey Jack cheese block
Maple syrup to taste
1 Tablespoon butter
1/4 Teaspoon salt
Oil spray 
Wooden skewers 
1 mini muffin oven tray








What to do:

1. Crack the eggs into glass mixing bowl and mix them well with the salt and the milk.

2. Spray the muffin tray with the oil and pour the egg mixture in it. Try not to fill it completely, at the most 3/4 full.

3. Place in the oven for 10 minutes at 350º.


4. Wash and cut the strawberries in halves.

5. Cut the cheese into thin little squares (not so thin, remember they will be passed through the wooden skewer).


6. Place the waffles in the toaster.

7. When the waffles are ready spread some butter in each of them and cut each waffle into 4-6 pieces.


8. Place the waffles in a bowl or on a plate and pour maple syrup on them.

9. Take the eggs out of the oven. Let them sit for 2 minutes.


10. Make the skewers! Thread the ingredients one by one. I like to start with the egg and then the cheese, followed by the waffles, fruit, and turkey meat. Repeat each ingredient twice and end with a strawberry.



– You can use green and purple grapes too instead of strawberries.

– Serve what is left of the fruit, turkey and cheese on the table and people can get some extra if they want!

– Serve some extra maple syrup on the table as well, it never hurts!



By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: Food