Back To School for Less

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One of my favorite things about the upcoming school year is buying back to school supplies! I have loved buying back to school supplies for as long as I can remember. There’s something so exciting about new notebooks and pencils!

This is the first year I will be doing back to school shopping as a mom. My oldest daughter will be in kindergarten! But, we do things a bit different at our house and will be homeschooling. I wanted to make sure that even though we would be schooling at home, she would be able to have the excitement of making the most of back to school deals and see all the back to school sales. Since we would be doing this at home I knew we would need to pick up extra discount school supplies for her brothers, so they can think they are doing “school” as well!

We found everything we needed and more at our local Family Dollar. I was more than pleased with the selection that we found as well as the prices! I thought it would be fun to share what we found…

The first thing on our list was to find a pencil box that we could keep all of our goodies in! We also picked up a pack of pencils for her school-work. As well as a few packs of colored pencils for art time.


I found an awesome set of erasers to include in her pencil box. It had several larger ones as well as little individual ones to place on the top of the pencil. We also threw in a pack of index cards – they’re always great to use as flashcards! And a school box isn’t complete without a set of Crayola Markers! I made sure to stock up on glue sticks, too. Since they seem to go fast around our house with all the craft projects going on!


I love incorporating art projects into our schooling. I picked up some pipe cleaners with the thought that I would use them to create the letters of the alphabet. It will be perfect for my younger son to learn his letters. And we can use the pipe cleaner letters to create short words for my daughter to practice her reading. I also grabbed some construction paper, scissors and glitter glue.

My thought with those is that we can cut out the letters of the alphabet and decorate them. Hands-on learning is the best in my opinion!

Ashley_BTS 3

Here’s to a new school year with fun new, discount back to school supplies!

By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                       Featured Products: Back to School