Autumn Home Decorating Ideas


Autumn is here, it’s finally here! Although I did actually enjoy summer this year, I am more than ready to feel the weather cooling down! I’m also ready to start bringing out the pumpkins and Autumn decorations. I literally love everything about Autumn! I love the pumpkins, I love the apples, I love the smell of apple pie baking in the oven and I love Autumn décor!

This past weekend I pulled out all of my boxes of decorations and even went out and got a few new things. Since we’re in a new house this year, I needed some new Autumn decorating ideas to go with the new layout and with our new furniture.

One of the main areas I focused on was the table that you see as soon as you walk into the house. It’s a main focus point that’s right at the front door, so I knew that I had to get all of the details perfect.

The first thing I did was wrap this Autumn garland around the edge of my table. The garland is full of Autumn colors and even has a bit of gold glitter on it to make it sparkle.


I picked up this cute little owl sign that greets guests as they walk in the door with a message of “Welcome Friends.”


A cute little “Apple Owl” sits beside the sign to pull together the “Autumn and owl theme” on the table.

Isn’t he the cutest little owl? I just love him! There was also a pear shaped owl at Family Dollar and I kind of wish that I had grabbed him too! He has the impression of being carved into an apple and even has a little bit of bronze glitter on his wings.

The little “apple owl” guards the pumpkin candy dish that’s filled with mini Hershey candy bars.


Mini candy bars are perfect to have out for guests! I love them because they don’t take up a lot of space and I can put out a variety of candy bars to suit everyone’s tastes.

Moving over to the left side of the table, I have added a few new candles, a pumpkin decoration and I’ve switched out a “summer” photo for this one of my niece at the pumpkin patch.


I used a wallet-sized photo inside of a 4×6 photo frame so I could place a few of the leaves from the garland behind her photo.  I wanted the photo to have more of a “matted and framed” feel than just a regular photo in a black frame. I love that the leaves behind her photo tie that part of the decorating into the garland around the table.

I picked up three candle holders for the table and placed white tea light candles inside them. I do have a lamp on this table, but I don’t always have it on; and I also love the soft glow that these little candles give to the table.


They give off a little “star burst” effect when they are lit.  The candle holders are tinted red, orange and green; they also have a cute metal leaf hanging from the side.

Behind the photo frame and candles, I placed a pumpkin “vase” that’s holding a few Autumn leaves and a pretty sunflower to tie up the end of the table’s decorations.

By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                                  Featured Products: Autumn & Halloween Décor