Are you ready for Football? Plan the perfect watch party on a budget.


I love the Fall. It’s actually my favorite season! And, with the Fall comes football.

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t know much about football; nor would they call me a fan. It’s funny; I grew up in a household where both of my parents were fans – rabid fans. They still are. I also married a fan.

Even though I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a “football fan,” I do enjoy having game-viewing parties.

Since there seems to be a million games on, at any given time, I work hard to throw these parties without busting my budget.

The parties aren’t fancy, but we sure do have a lot of fun! But, since I have a rambunctious 7-year-old boy underfoot, I have to make it easy. I start by brainstorming about some football party ideas, but in this case decide to leave out any football party games since everyone should be glued to the game on the TV anyway! Then I decide who to invite and what to include on the menu or what are some common football party recipes.I do this, by scouring the Internet for football party food ideas and, once that’s done, I plan my shopping trip.


Normally, we keep it simple with potato chips, tortilla chips and salsa, sweets and beverages:

Bree_Football Party_Combo1

In addition to snacks, I also normally throw a few frozen pizzas in the oven, as well as some chicken nuggets.

Bree_Football Party_Combo2

I also make sure we have things on hand to keep the kids busy while the game is on, so they’ll stay out of our hair.

Bree Glenn Coloring Child

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